Uno Communications, Inc. is a software company operating in Boston, MA

Our Solutions


MySendMail is a time-saving, universal email server solution for people constantly on the move. Setting up MySendMail is totally Free and it works with any device and internet connection.

Software Development and Technical Support

We help small-medium Voice over IP and SMS carriers create turnkey solutions that enable their clients to purchase and manage telecommunications services.

Unocomm Hosting Services

Unocomm Hosting services is one of the hosting service from uno communication.


Business Performance

  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY : Our mission is to deliver quality products at affordable prices.
  • SATISFYING CLIENTS' NEEDS : Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We welcome feedback and build solutions around your needs.
  • QUICK RESPONSE : Our support team is always there to assist you. We're here to help!
  • BUSINESS SOLUTIONS : We offer innovative solutions that will help your business grow.

Our Network

Our redundant datacenters allow security and performance.

  • Our network is resilient and secure, thanks to our directly-managed equipment hosted across a number of North American datacenters. We know you can't afford downtime, with a distributed network of PoPs, we have achieved a level of redundancy you can count on.